Selecting and calibrating a material model is difficult, and the accuracy of your FE models strongly depend on how accurate your material models are. To help engineers we are developing a series of training classes that covers "smart" experimental testing, material model theory, failure predictions, and tools for quickly solving material model problems.

"I found the class incredibly valuable. It’s quick paced, but still manages to provide an overview of the basics on the mechanics of polymers."

- Patrick

Hi, I’m Jorgen Bergstrom

I started to study the mechanical behavior of polymers while working on my Ph.D. dissertation at M.I.T, and have continued now for 20 years as a technical consultant and trainer. I really enjoy teaching engineers how to quickly solve difficult problems involving non-linear materials. During the last 10 years I have taught close to 100 classes related to polymer mechanics. I'm looking forward to teach you all the things I have learned.